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First stab at macro photography with the #Lumia1520 #PureView: Just spent a little time, the Mrs. and I, at the #Serena Beach Resort and Spa Butterfly Park. A priceless time there. Never knew that butterflies are terribly endangered. Thank you, Bw. Sam, for the tour and tips. #LumiaLove #ShotOnLumia #HouseOfOlang #TeamSweetnSawa #Honeymoon

What. The. Bloody. Hell. Did I just watch.

I don’t even know what to do with his ManCard. I’m taking suggestions.

(via te-kun)

Their video is finally out!
Watch it: Large Gang - La la la la.
You’ll hit the replay button. I guarantee it.

New Music Alert: Kelele Takatifu - Bonga Bonga.

Did I ever mention how much I love their work?

"Shida yetu si shida; shida yetu ni kuhesabu mashida…"

I know this feeling.

I know this feeling.

SautiSol - Lazizi.

Back when their collarbones were always covered. I could barely recognise them here. How fast they grow up, ey?